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So i have Photoshop cs6 on my computer (yeah I refuse to upgrade to the versions that charge monthly to use. That’s insane). I've been creating my comics in manga studio and i really enjoy that program. However there are things that Photoshop can do that Manga Studio can’t- and vise versa. I'm also creating issue 2 of my webcomic ...


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BIG POST- SUPPORT NEEDED- PLEASE READ Some good plans are ahead. For Katharos: The Shattered World there will be maps, monster and world lore, character bios (as each character appears) added to the site. there is also the possibility of a small increase in the page update count (going from 2 pages a week to 3). I am hoping that …

Good news!

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I’ll be at Anime weekend Atlanta this year with a full color comic of Katharos The Shattered World and prints! I have added additional pages to this pretty package! Also for those who can’t make it to the convention, issue 1 of Katharos The Shattered World and prints will go on sale on my website AND FOR ALL KICKSTARTER …

Updates everywhere!

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